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Sunday, May 21, 2000 Ninetails

I started the new format today for Frozen Domain. If you're looking for Grandpa Canyon, you're in the wrong place! The address for Grandpa Canyon, which won't be updated after I'm finished with this new site, is I personally like this a bunch better, and it's much easier to make a better site with what you have in mind from scratch than from what you have in front of you! That's just a personal opinion. Once I get this site up and running, I'm going to post 10 codes for Pokemon Red/Blue. If you would like to join the staff (out of the goodness of your heart, not for pay), check us out. Mail us! We would appreciate news reporters who could get us some news on Pokemon weekly. All applications will be taken seriously, as you should take the job. We will give you full credit for writing whatever you author. On this web site, there is a Pokemon War held every week. Vote for your favorite out of the two and we will see who wins!


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